Financial Planning Consultation

Perhaps you are a personal customer looking to protect what is most important to you through a life insurance policy? Or about or retire and would like to know all the pension options available to you? Alternatively you are a business owner looking to protect your business and plan for the future? During our Financial Planning Consultation, Our experts will explore all options in detail.

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Protection for whats matters most

Nowadays we insure everything from our car, our house or even gadgets such as a phone. But some times we don’t protect what is most important to us.

Protecting your home

Mortgage Protection or Mortgage Life Insurance is designed to pay off the balance of an outstanding mortgage in the event of death.

Protection when you need it most

While no like likes to think that they might become serious ill it pays to be prepared for what ever the future might throw at us.

Medical Free Life Cover

Over 50’s life cover pays out a guaranteed lump sum on death. An over 50’s life insurance policy is designed to help pay for funeral expenses

Tax efficient Life Cover

Pension life insurance or as it is sometimes referred to as Pension Term Assurance is a single life insurance plan that can be taken out before you retire.

Protecting your income

Your income provides for both you and your family. There are many ways we use our income; It pays your bills and daily livings expenses that allow you …

Pensions and Retirement

Planning your retirement

As we are all living longer it has never been more important to make provision for your retirement. Currently the state pension qualifying age is sixty six. However, by 2018 the qualifying age will be sixty eight.

Whether you are starting your pension or about or retire there are multiple options open to you.

Savings and Investments

Making your money work harder.

While everyone wants their hard earned money to work better for them and with bank deposits rates currently giving such a low return it may be time to look at what exactly your money is doing for you.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Planning for Inheritance Tax.

Ireland has one of the highest Capital Acquisition rates globally currently set at 33%. It has forced many people inheriting property or other assets to either sell their family homes or take out a mortgage in order to pay their Inheritance Tax bills.