Pensions and Retirement



A Personal Retirement Savings Account is designed to be a totally flexible pension allowing you to save for your retirement as you wish. You can change the level of your contributions at any time and if you change job your PRSA can …


Personal Pension

A Personal Pension is a Pension that is solely owned by you and held in your name. This type of Pension is most suitable for someone who is self employed or a professional worker tax under schedule D Case I or II, or in a job with no pension taxed …



AVC’s or Additional Voluntary Contributions are extra contributions that you can make on top of your company pension scheme. These type of contributions are an excellent way of maximising the revenue allowable retirement benefits you …



The time has come after many years of saving for your retirement and you are finally here. It is now time to relax and enjoy your retirement. But before you can do that there is still one important …



An Annuity is commonly known as a pension. It gives you at guaranteed level of income in retirement. The level of pension paid will depend on the age you retire at, your life expectancy …



A Personal Retirement Bond or as it sometimes referred to as a Buy-Out Bond is a retirement bond which can receive a transfer of a pension fund from a former employer or …

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Directors / Executive Pension

A directors/executive pension is one of the most tax-efficient ways to transfer a business’s profits into the company’s director’s names. A directors/executive pension is available to directors with a 5% shareholding in the company.

Directors/Executive Pension