Group Pensions

While Defined Benefit pension arrangements appear to be a thing of the past with so many now underfunded and while Defined Contribution pensions undoubtedly have some benefit to employers, they may not be the most cost effective or straightforward way of giving your employees a retirement benefit.

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If your company is looking to provide your employees with the most straightforward and cost efficient company pension benefit then a Group Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) may be the best solution for your business.

Group PRSA Employer Benefits

• Excellent employee incentive for recruiting and retaining staff.
• No trustee obligations for the employer.
• An employer who contributes to their employees PRSA receives corporation tax relief .
• The employer can also avail of protection benefits such as Life Cover and Income Protection for key staff.

Group PRSA Employee Benefits

• Your employees will receive tax relief of up to 40% on their contributions.
• The employees’ PRSA will grow tax free
• Your employees can avail of a tax-free lump sum on retirement.