Over 50’s Life Insurance

Over 50s Life Cover pays out a guaranteed lump sum on death. An over 50s Life Insurance Policy is designed to help pay for funeral expenses or to help cover any outstanding loans or bills you may have when you pass away.

Anyone applying for over 50s Life Insurance between the ages of fifty to eighty is automatically accepted; there is no medical questionnaire involved on application. If you have ever been declined life insurance due to your medical history you will be automatically accepted for an over 50s Life Insurance plan.

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Over 50s Life Insurance is a single life plan that pays out a lump sum on death. The policy will only pay out in the first two years on accidental death; however if you die of natural causes in the first two years, all premiums paid to that point are refunded to your estate. The level of life cover chosen is guaranteed to be paid out once you have paid all of your regular premiums until the time of your death or on reaching ninety. At ninety you stop paying regular premiums but your level of life cover remains in place until death.
The cost of your over 50s Life Insurance plan will depend on the level of Life Cover you chose. The minimum premium on an over 50s Life over plan is €15 per month.